Why is my passionfruit tree losing leaves?

my passionfruit has very serious leaf drop any ideas


11 August 2014 11:32 AM

Hi Ross,

Perhaps the vine was responding to a cold snap. Passionfruit do prefer to grow in a warm, protected spot in the garden. Passionfruit also require ample water as the vine is growing. Could the vine have undergone a period where it was deprived of water for a period of time? Because the roots of the vine are quite shallow, it is important that the vine be regularly watered. A mulch around the base of the vine will also help to keep in that vital moisture. As we come into spring, the vine will want to put on new growth. At this stage, as long as the temperature are not too low, your passionfruit vine can be pruned back. This will encourage new laterals on which new season's fruit will form. The vine can be fertilised in early spring. Dynamic Lifter Plus Organic Based Fruit Food would be an excellent fertiliser for your passionfruit vine.

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