However big or small your patch of lawn, there’s nothing better than kicking off your shoes and feeling fresh, soft grass under your feet. But grass needs regular care to keep it looking green, lush and healthy. Maintenance products such as fertilisers, weed and pest control will keep your lawn looking great and feeling even better. Yates caters for all your lawn’s needs, from providing the right seeds to grow your own grass, to making sure established turf stays healthy.

When weeds start to take hold, your lawn can go from soft and lush, to dry and rough. Getting rid of weeds before they start to flower and set seed is ideal, but there’s a solution for whatever stage your weed-growth is at. From targeting large areas of broadleaf weeds such as clover, bindii and dandelions, to spot spraying small areas of sprouting weeds in pathways and small areas of lawn, Yates has you covered. Our weed control comes in different formulas to suit your lawn and your lifestyle; from easy to sprinkle granular solutions, to hose-on sprays that don’t require mixing and concentrated products, there’s something that works for everyone. Because buffalo grasses are more susceptible to herbicides, Yates offers a different formula to treat weeds in buffalo lawns. This means weeds can be effectively eradicated while still keeping your grass looking its best. 

Like all plants, grass needs feeding well in order to look its best. Fertilising your lawn will keep it thick, green and healthy so it looks great, grows well, and feels soft under foot.

After spending time and effort cultivating lush green grass, the last thing you want is for it to be spoilt by pests. Common lawn pests include curl grub, that eat grass roots and turns lawns yellow, and lawn armyworm that strip foliage from grass causing bare patches. Yates’ lawn pest control offers highly concentrated solutions that kill pests while keeping your lawn looking great. With options in both liquid and granular formulas, there are plenty of ways to eradicate a range of lawn pests easily.

If you’re thinking about growing your lawn from scratch, it’s important to choose a lawn seed that suits you and your lifestyle. From lawn seed that’s hard-wearing and ideal for harsh Aussie summers, to a blend of grasses that will grow well in cool climates, Yates has an option for everyone. Prepare the soil properly, choose your seeds well and you’ll have a beautiful lawn in no time.

Look after your lawn now, for a lifetime of enjoyment.