Whitefly Control in Your Garden

Hemiptera : Aleyrodidae

Whiteflies are not ‘flies’ but are sap-sucking insects related to AphidsScale Insects and Mealybugs. Common adult Whiteflies are usually white, or pale coloured, so at least the ‘white’ part of their common name is fitting. Adult Whiteflies are usually only seen when disturbed - they fly up from a plant like ‘flying dandruff’.

Immature Whiteflies are scale-like nymphs hidden under leaves, so Whiteflies often go unnoticed until the adults are seen. There are more than 100 species that occur in Australia but except for the native strain of Silverleaf Whitefly, most pest species of Whitefly have been introduced from overseas.

Image above: adult Whiteflies foraging on the underside of a mint leaf.

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