Leafhopper Control in Your Garden

Hemiptera Cicadellidae

Leafhoppers are small insects from the family Cicadellidae - the largest family in the 'true bug' order Hemiptera – and are sometimes known as 'jassids'. There are at least 22,000 species worldwide, with more than 700 species occurring in Australia. Leafhoppers are usually small, wedge-shaped, cicada-like sap-sucking insects. Some leafhopper species can transmit plant diseases.

Leafhoppers are often confused with the familiar thorn-shaped planthoppers of the family Flatidae - a related but less horticulturally important family. Another group of insects which causes confusion are the treehoppers in the subfamily Eurymelinae. Both these groups are sometimes misnamed as 'leafhoppers'. Planthoppers and treehoppers are described in this article which will hopefully dispel the confusion.

Image courtesy of: Denis Crawford

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