Winter Gardening Calendar

Winter might be cold but there is still lots going on in the garden! There's delicious citrus fruit to be picked, and Strawberries, Peas and Potatoes can be planted. Fill garden beds and pots with flowers like Hellebores, Roses, Lavender, Grevilleas, Zygocactus and Hoyas. Learn how to re-wild your garden and prevent future problems like lawn Bindii and stone fruit Leaf Curl. Happy gardening!

Winter Gardening Calendar

June Gardening TipsBring some colour into your garden in June! Learn how to grow beautiful Hellebores and Hoyas and the easy steps to planting bare-rooted Roses and pruning Roses in winter. We tell you when you can pick your citrus fruit, plus our top winter lawn care tips, including how to prevent Bindii prickles.

July Gardening TipsThere's lots to keep yourself busy in the garden in July! Fill pots and vegie patches with Peas and Strawberries, grow colourful Zygocactus, bring back nature and re-wild your garden and our top winter lawn care tips. Happy gardening!

August Gardening TipsIt's nearly the end of winter, there's still lots to do in the garden, especially preparing for our favourite season - spring! You can plant Potatoes, Lavender, and Magnolias; get a head start on prepping the Tomato beds and sow some seeds; and spray stone fruits to prevent Peach Leaf Curl - before it's too late.

Seasonal Garden CalendarsCheck out our seasonal gardening calendars for the rest of the year!

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