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Winter Gardening Calendar

This edition is packed with lots of gardening inspiration and information to keep you busy over the cooler months.

Winter Gardening Calendar

June Get your vegie patch humming during June! Learn what vegie seeds to sow right now and our top tips for a terrific winter harvest. We share our easy Winter lawn care plan, including controlling lawn diseases, plus planting beautiful roses and delicious fruit trees and learn our top propagation tips, so you can grow plants for free!

July July might be chilly but it's full of wonderful gardening opportunities! We have handy tips for preventing stone fruit leaf curl, learn how to stop bindii prickles ruining your lawn in summer, growing beautiful winter flowering grevilleas and hellebores and how to grow a magical monstera.

August We have lots of fabulous August gardening tips to share, from growing your very own potatoes and juicy valencia oranges, to choosing gorgeous winter flowering trees & shrubs, our five favourite succulents, learn how to propagate plants using layering, stopping destructive lawn curl grubs and getting a head start on spring tomatoes.

Planting Ideas?Check out our seasonal gardening calendars for the rest of the year!

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