Spring Gardening Calendar

Spring is here! It's time to celebrate by planting delicious warm season vegies like tomatoes, chokos and beans. Grow beautiful roses, sunflowers and hydrangeas. And bring back some nature by rewilding your garden!

Spring Gardening Calendar

September Gardening TipsIt's time to protect your citrus trees from dreaded citrus leaf miner and grow your own tasty tomatoes. Plus, see our top tips on rose care for September, giving your lawn some spring TLC and how to re-wild your garden.

October Gardening TipsWe're mid-spring; and there's lots for you to do in the garden! Ever thought about growing a Choko? Or maybe your lawn is in need a of a lot love. Whatever spring job it is, we're here to help!

November Gardening TipsGet your garden set for summer! We have lots of fabulous tips to see you through! From how to grow Mangoes to caring for Hydrangeas, and how to make the most of your Tomato harvest. Let's dig in!

Planting Ideas?Check out our seasonal gardening calendars for the rest of the year!

We Also Plant Seeds in the Heads of Gardeners

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