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Get growing with Yates' range of potting and propagation products, including potting mixes, rooting hormone solutions, and pots.

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Yates Tuscan Round Pot

Yates Tuscan Round Pot

Yates Tuscan Round Pot

Available in-store only
Yates Tuscan Self Watering Hanging Basket

Yates Tuscan Self Watering Hanging Basket

Yates Tuscan Self Watering Hanging Basket

Available in-store only

Why You'll Love Yates' Range of Potting & Propagation Products

Cultivating beautiful pots that contain lush plants and blooming flowers can sometimes mean using a little helping hand. Special potting mixes and fertilisers, rooting hormones to help propagation along, and intuitively-designed pots that give plants the space and water they need can all help seedlings and cuttings transform from tiny into tremendous.


Not all pots are made equal. Yates understands what plants really need, and our horticulturists have designed pots that give your plants the best chance of thriving. Yates Tuscan Round Pot provides excellent growing conditions due to the drainage holes and raised drainage channels in the base of the pot. It has vertical ridges on the internal sides which work as root trainers, adding strength to the pot and helping the plant grow. Made from UV-stabilised plastic, they last well outdoors, and come in a range of colours.

Yates Tuscan Self-Watering Hanging Baskets are designed to make life easier. A water reservoir in the base allows the basket to be self-watering, so you don't have to remember to do it every day. An easy-access vent in the side of the basket makes it easy to water, and their non-porous sides hold water well, so baskets don't tip easily.

Potting Mixes

Most indoor and outdoor potted plants - including flowers, shrubs, fruit trees and vegetables - need a premium mix. And, a quality mix that's been tested to meet Australian standards. Yates Premium Potting Mix and Yates Premium Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter are both premium and quality mixes and are sure to help your potted plants grow and thrive.

Specialty plants call for specialty products and Yates has a range of potting mixes for Cacti and Succulents, Orchids and Potted Plants and Ferns that are designed to provide specific nutrients for each plant, so they get the best possible start in life.

Fungus Gnat Prevention

To further protect your potted plants, Yates Gnat Barrier is a natural and non-toxic formula that is made from natural abrasive pumice granules that provide an effective physical barrier against Fungus Gnats - those annoying tiny black flying insects that hover around pots.

Hormones for Cuttings

Establish cuttings for propagation properly, and you'll have a fully formed plant in no time. Yates Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel comes in two options: purple - for softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings for propagation, and red for hardwood cuttings. Yates Plant Cutting Powder is designed to stimulate and produce healthy roots on cuttings, giving you good growth, fast.

Propagation Mixes

For a mix ideal for growing seeds and cuttings, you need a fine-grade and free-draining quality propagation mix. Try Yates Seed Raising Mix or Yates Specialty Mix for Cuttings & Seeds to give your plants the best chance, and start, to life.

We Also Plant Seeds in the Heads of Gardeners

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