What is the pest that stings passionfruit as soon as they set?

The maturing fruit develop calluses,shrivel & drop.I have been controlling the problem by tying a gauze bag around the fruit at the setting stage,but it is rather time consuming.


06 March 2012 05:47 AM

Hi Ron,

The most likely culprit on your passionfruit vine is the passionvine hopper. This insect is a small moth that lays its eggs in the twigs, young shoots and tendrils of the vine. This insect sucks sap from the plant causing leaves to wilt, young fruits to shrivel and even fall from the vine. This insect, as the name suggests, does hop,unfortunately, we don't have any regsitered spray for this pest. I know using exclusion bags is tedious, but you may need to continue doing that to give your fruit extra protection.

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