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How do I control ants on my tamarillo tree?

My tamarillo tree has boomed this year after a disastrous first year in which the leaves all turned black and fell off! After being pretty heavily pruned, it has blossomed and there are now flowers on it, but it is once again being attacked by ants! Should I spray with winter oil to get rid of them or is there something organic I can use as I don't like to use chemicals. Also, should the tree be pruned from the middle once it has hopefully fruited. Thank you.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Lesley,

Ants on your tree could indicate that scale may be present. When scale suck sap from the tree, honeydew is produced. This honeydew then attracts the ants to the tree. Have a look to see if there is brown or white scale present. If so spray, you could spray with a product called PestOil. It will suffocate, dry out and kill off this pest. As far as pruning the tree from the middle, this appears to be only a young tree so at this stage of the tree's development, there shouldn't be any criss-crossing of branches or die back in the centre of the tree. If you feel the tree needs more air circulation, then you can prune out any spindly or dead twigs that may be present. Enjoy this delicious fruit.



Answered: 29 Dec, 2012

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