Silverfish Control in Your Home

Insecta Thysanura

Silverfish have been around for millions of years and have been found in fossil records as early as the first land-living animals. Silverfish have survived for such a long time because they are known to survive in a variety of very tough environments. Silverfish are best known for their vast destruction of various household items such as books, photographs, artwork, clothing and accessories. Some people may be allergic to the faeces and cast skins (moults) of Silverfish, which may trigger conditions such as asthma.

Although Silverfish are not fast or prolific breeders, they do live for a long time (up to six years!). If left untreated, infestations can reach plague proportions. To avoid damage to property and prevent major infestations, it’s important to control, prevent and monitor for Silverfish in the home.

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