Mosquito Control in Your Home & Garden

Diptera : Culicidae

Mosquitoes are the most well-known and probably the most loathed insects in the world. Some species are notorious for spreading deadly human diseases, and parasites like dog heartworm. About 300 species of Mosquitoes occur in Australia - fortunately only a few species are capable of spreading diseases.

Mosquitoes are notorious BBQ stoppers. Just when you are relaxing with a cool drink, and preparing food for the grill, the moment is ruined by the arrival of whining blood-sucking pests. They are attracted to us by the COin our breath, and our body odour and body heat.

Female Mosquitoes suck blood to gain protein for egg development. They receive no nutritional benefit from the blood - they get that from flower nectar. Male Mosquitoes only feed on nectar and are completely harmless.

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