Fly Control in Your Home & Garden

Muscidae, Calliphoridae, Ceratopogonidae

There are about 10,000 species of flies in Australia, but only a tiny minority of these flies are known as pests (like Biting Midges) or are a 'nuisance' (like House Flies). One of the worst horticultural pests we have in Australia is a fly – the Fruit Fly.

Flies of many families visit backyards and may try to enter houses, but the most common families of 'nuisance flies' encountered are Muscidae (e.g. House Flies and Bush Flies) and Calliphoridae (Blow Flies). Another nuisance fly you may encounter in the home is the Fungus Gnat.

Some flies are beneficial insects and should be encouraged in home gardens. The most common of these is the Hover Fly – the adult fly is a pollinator and the larvae are predators of aphids.

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