Why is my passionfruit fruit green and wrinkled?

Have eaten about 2dozen ripe and thrown out about 200 green wrinkled. Vine is simply loaded with fruit.


30 May 2016 03:36 AM

Hi Maz,

Thanks for writing in.
There are a number of things that could be a problem.
fruit fly damage
sucking bug damage
poor pollination
boron deficiency
insufficient irrigation when a heavy crop is set
Most commonly it is the Boron deficiency.
To amend this make a simple boron solution get some borax powder - and mix 4 grams, a pinch, in 4.5L of water. Mix it in. This will treat 4 m2of garden bed. It will last for three years but remember, never use any more than that, because too much can be as bad as too little and will be hard to amend.

From your friends at Yates Gardening

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