• Balanced fertiliser high in nitrogen and potassium and has good levels of phosphorus.
  • Ideal for plants that need additional nutrition during growth periods
  • Encourages:
  • - More abundant flowering and fruiting
  • - Faster, more luscious greening
  • - Improved plant resistance to disease

Rite-Gro All Purpose Fertiliser is a granular fertiliser suitable for use on most indoor and outdoor plants (except those highly sensitive to phosphorus). It contains an essential blend of major nutrients to encourage green growth and improved plant health.



  • 500g


  • NPK 11: 2: 9
  • Plus Ca

How to Use

Directions for use

Use a teaspoon to measure out product  One level teaspoon (tsp) holds about 5 grams of fertiliser.  Ensure soil is moist prior to application.  Always water in well after application.


  • Not recommended for highly phosphorus-sensitive plants
  • DO NOT apply when maximum temperature is expected to reach above 30°C or if the plant is suffering moisture stress
  • Avoid excessive contact with foliage
  • Ensure soil is moist prior to application and always water in well after application

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