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What advice do you have for growing vegetables neear the sea

I'm relocating from a suburban area on the North Shore in NSW to the NSW Northern Beaches. I'd like to expand my vegetable garden and grow as wide a variety of fruits and vegetables possible. Other than checking/amending my soil what steps might I need to take to work with a saltier climate? How much might this limit my ability to grow specific types of vegetables? What do I need to consider and research? I am having trouble finding guides to growing food in coastal areas. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Oz,

Growing fruit and vegetables is posible near coastal areas. Some vegetables that are slightly more tolerant of salt are asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, fig, grapes, tomato, olives, rockmelon,rosemary and spinach. During very windy weather when salt may be deposited, water the plants to remove the salt from the leaves. Add plenty of compost and use deep watering to reduce the salt build up in the soil.



Answered: 22 Jul, 2011

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