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How do I get rid of ants in my pot plants and on my trees?

I get these black small ants that I just cant get rid off that keep going into scrubs and my fruit trees pots. they seem to have killed a plant in the past and I want to try and stop them going on the pot plants if possible.

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Ants are generally not a problem, but they are attracted to the honey dew secreted by sap sucking insects like scale. So if this is want is attracting the ants you just have to control the pest and the ants will look for other sources of food. If this is not what is attracting them you can use some Yates Ant and Roach Dust. You just spread dust this lightly on along and around the ant track and into the nest. Another method to keep the ants out of pots is to try and create a moat around the pot. You can do this by raising the pot on a brick and placing the brick in a saucer of water. This will exclude the ants that are not able to swim across the water.



Answered: 24 Sep, 2015

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