How do I control ants in and around my potted orchids

Have trouble with ants in the summer in my orchid pots. Is there something that can be put on the top of the bark to kill the ants but to protect the orchids. Something that is waterproof would be great. Or is there something that I could sprinkle on the ground with is playground chips to kill the ants also would have to be waterproof. Maybe a sticky product that could sit on the benches to kill ants.


30 August 2012 03:00 AM

Hi Rosemary,

Firstly, its best to establish why the ants are present in your orchid pots. They may be attracted to the new flower spikes located at the base of the plant or are there any sap sucking insects present. Aphids, scale and mealy bug are sap sucking insects and produce copious amounts of honey dew. The ants are attracted to this substance. The ants in turn help to transport the sap suckers from plant to plant so they work in unison. Control the sap suckers and the ants with disappear. Use Yates Natures Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray. We do not have any sticky traps in our range of products that will trap the ants but I am sure if you look in your local nursery and hardware store, there may be such a product available. Blitzem Insect Killer is another product that can be used to control ants. It is a stomach poison and contact insecticide. This product is only recommended for use on hard surfaces around the house. It is not suitable for spraying plants in pots. It could be sprayed around the pots so that when the ants walk over the surface, they come in contact with the spray and are controlled that way. I do hope this information is of some help to you.

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