We’re celebrating one of the best seasons of the year to garden – autumn! 

We’re celebrating one of the best seasons of the year to garden – autumn! 

The baking heat of summer has faded, but the soil is still warm enough to encourage root growth, creating perfect conditions for planting.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to autumn planting options. Delicious cool season vegies like broccoli, spinach, garlic and snow peas can go in and it’s time to plant spring flowers like hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and gorgeous sweet peas. You can choose beautiful camellias while they’re in full and fabulous bloom or pick your favourite autumnal foliage tones. Citrus trees and Australian native plants will also enjoy being planted in autumn’s mild and gentle conditions.

Just like building a house on solid foundations, a flourishing garden starts from the ground up. The secret is in the soil! To give new autumn plants the best possible start, it’s important to prepare the soil before planting. It’s not complicated. It’s as simple as mixing some handfuls of Yates Dynamic Lifter Soil Improver & Plant Fertiliser into the soil or planting hole. It refreshes and rejuvenates the soil, breathing life into the garden and nurturing new autumn plants.

What is Yates Dynamic Lifter? It’s a concentrated, composted, pelletised chicken manure blended with the added goodness of blood and bone, fishmeal and seaweed.

Why is Yates Dynamic Lifter good for your soil? Used regularly, the rich organic matter contained in Yates Dynamic Lifter will help increase the soil’s water and nutrient holding ability, improve soil structure as well as providing a source of food for earthworms and beneficial soil microorganisms, which are super helpers in the garden. Earthworms and microorganisms turn organic matter into valuable plant available nutrients and earthworms also make tunnels through the soil, making it easier for plant roots to grow. Yates Dynamic Lifter will help to improve your soil, no matter what soil type you have, from the heaviest clay to the lightest sand.

Yates Dynamic Lifter also provides new plants with a good source of gentle, slow release organic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) as they establish. And feeding existing plants is as easy as sprinkling the pellets around the root zone. Don’t forget to feed plants like grevilleas and banksias too - Yates Dynamic Lifter is safe for Australian native plants.     

Yates Dynamic Lifter is packed with rich organic ingredients, making it quite distinctively ‘fragrant’. But did you know that Yates Dynamic Lifter also comes in a reduced odour variety? It’s great for people that may not love the smell of traditional Dynamic Lifter, with a much subtler odour that you (or your neighbours) may prefer.

Organic gardening tip: Yates Dynamic Lifter is approved for use in organic gardens by Australian Certified Organic, so is ideal for gardeners wanting to care for their soil and plants organically.

Dynamic Liquids

For gardeners that prefer liquid solutions to feed their garden and nurture their soil, Yates Dynamic Lifter also comes in a liquid concentrate and hose-on. Yates Dynamic Lifter liquids are natural fertilisers that contain a rich blend of chicken manure, seaweed, blood and bone and fish meal. They’re also boosted with potassium, which promotes plant health and flowering and fruiting, and fulvates, which improve nutrient availability to plants and promote soil microbe health. Yates Dynamic Lifter liquids are approved for use in organic gardening and can be used year round to gently feed your garden and improve the soil.

The 2L hose-on pack of Yates Dynamic Lifter allows you to quickly and easily feed 70 m2 of garden beds and lawns and the 500 mL liquid concentrate makes up to 225 litres of fertiliser, which can be applied using a watering can.

Pots a plenty during autumn!

Gardeners with limited space or who love the flexibility and accessibility of growing plants in pots can also enjoy the benefits of Yates Dynamic Lifter.

Yates Potting Mix with Dynamic Lifter is a general purpose, Australian Standards ‘black tick’ free-draining potting mix, made from a blend of high quality horticultural bark and Yates Dynamic Lifter organic fertiliser for gentle feeding. It’s suitable for most indoor and outdoor plants, including flowers, fruit trees, shrubs, vegetables and herbs.

Once plants are established, to encourage ongoing healthy growth, Yates Dynamic Lifter pellets can be applied onto potted plants every 8 weeks. Scatter the pellets over the surface of the potting mix and gently tickle them in. Alternatively Yates Dynamic Lifter liquid can be watered over potted plants.


Join Kim Syrus - ‘The Garden Gurus’ TV Presenter and Qualified Horticulturist - as he talks about how to improve your garden’s soil using Yates Dynamic Lifter.

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