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Which lemon and lime tree would you recommend to plant?

Is there a particular variety of lemon & lime tree that you would recommend for my back yard. Which produces the best fruits, what size (tree) and how much should I pay? We have a NW back yard. Where should I plant them? Sincere thanks Julia

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Dear Julia,

The two varieties that you could plant in your back yard are Lisbon and Eureka. Both trees are good strong growers and produce large juicy fruit. You might like to take a trip to your local nursery where you should be able to find both varieties. I guess the price will vary depending upon the size of the pots they are growing in. There should be plenty to choose from now that the weather is warming up and spring is just around the corner. The Tahitian lime would also be available at your local nursery. You would need to plant it in a well protected warm spot as it will not cope very well with cold conditions.



Answered: 8 Aug, 2019

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