Rat & Mouse Control in Your Home & Garden

Rattus spp. and Mus domesticus

In the home and garden Rats and Mice can be hazardous to human and animal health. Rats and Mice also damage property and possessions, and contaminate food. Australian native Rats and Mice are rarely seen in urban areas and are of no concern, it is only introduced feral species that are an issue.

To ensure Rats and Mice are quickly and effectively controlled in and around the home, you will need to do a variety of control and preventative measures. Controls include baits, or traps, or a combination of the two. See Best Baits/Traps to Get Rid of Rats & Mice in the Home & Garden. Preventatives include the removal of food and water sources, eliminating entry points into the house, as well as the removal of shelter and nesting sites. See How to Prevent Rats & Mice in the Home & Garden.

House Mouse Chewing Electrical Wires
House Mouse Chewing Electrical Wires

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