Snail & Slug Control in Your Garden


Common snail and slug pests are introduced from other countries − no native snail or slug is a pest. Pest species usually occur in the moister areas across the southern half of Australia. The Common Garden Snail occurs through most of eastern and southern Australia, including far north Queensland and Tasmania.

Damage from snails and slugs occurs at night and the pests hide during the day in soil, under plants and detritus, or in weedy patches. Snails and slugs are usually not seen over the summer months, as they seek shelter from the hot dry weather.

When pest snails and slugs arrived here, there was little competition and they found ideal habitats in the European-style gardens that were being planted. The heavy mulching and watering that is required to maintain such moist gardens in our dry climate, creates perfect conditions for snails and slugs.

Image above: adult snail

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