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Why is my finger lime starting to yellow and loose its leaves

I purchased it six months ago grown from a cutting rather than a seed, and it was growing really well. But over the last few weeks it has started to drop leaves after first turning yellow. The stem still looks healthy and green. Is it a winter/dormancy problem or just struggling with the cold? It is located outside but under cover.

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Dear Breony,

It does sound like your finger lime is feeling the cold. Limes like a warm climate in which to grow. That is not to say that they won't survive in a cooler climate. Because it is such a young tree you may have to give it some protection during the colder months of the year. Make sure the tree is receiving sun for most of the day and is in a protected spot. Be careful not to overwater in the colder months of the year. You could erect a cover made out of shade cloth to give it this protecton, particularly for the cold nights. Good luck



Answered: 28 Jun, 2019

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