Why are there bulbous parts on my Tahitian Lime tree?

My Tahitian Lime tree has lost its leaves and the main stem is bulbous in parts. Happened recently, Help!!


08 September 2019 12:38 AM

Hi John,

Tahitian Limes need a warm, protected spot in your garden for them to thrive. They also require good drainage. It has been a cold, wet year this year and perhaps your lime tree is responding to these conditions. Now that spring is here and the weather is warming up, your tree should be putting on some new growth. Do make sure that the tree is in a full sun position and the area drains well. Regular applications of seaweed extract will maintain the health of the tree. When you say the main stem is bulbous, there is a Citrus Gall Wasp but it lays its eggs in the twigs and branches causing galls (swellings) to appear on the branches and twigs. These galls should be removed by the end of August as the wasps will emerge in Sept/Oct. They are poor fliers and tend to reinfest the same tree.

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