My lime tree has grown very well in past 4 years but it has not given any fruit since then.

I can see now 3 limes. There are leaves with holes. I have applied pest spray for citrus plants. Every summers i have give Yates Citrus thrive


22 February 2021 03:53 PM

Hi Bharati, 

Thank you for contacting Yates. 

The plant looks healthy but lack of flower and fruit could due to underfeeding with potassium which is the elements for helping prolific fruiting. Try weekly feeding from flowering to fruiting with 'Yates Thrive Citrus & Fruit Natural Fish & Seaweed+' as a complete plant food, specially developed for boosting healthy grown and yield of juicy fruit in citrus and other fruiting plants. 
To control pests for citrus tree, try spray the leaves with 'Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray (Pyrethrum Plus Oil Pest Spray)'. Controls a wide variety on insects pests on many edibles and ornamentals.  
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Hope this helps and happy gardening :)

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