Rattus spp. Mus domesticus

What  are Rats and Mice

Rats and mice cause major damage to agricultural crops by eating newly-sown seeds, young plants and seed heads on grain crops. In the home garden they can cause similar damage and have also been found to eat starchy plant parts such as bulbs or swollen roots.

Rats and mice can cause problems indoors as well. They are most likely to move inside when the weather becomes cooler and wetter. They can damage electrical wiring, chew building materials and spoil food.

Rats and mice are ecologically damaging because they compete with many native species for food and habitat, and eat birds’ eggs and young lizards.


How to Protect your plants

Remove potential food sources from around the home. Keep compost bins secure and regularly turn to speed up decomposition. 


Recommended products to control Rats and Mice

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