Cold and frosty conditions are common this time of year, mostly in temperate and cool zones of Australia. It's important to protect vulnerable plants, particularly if they're showing early signs of tender new growth. Spray Yates DroughtShield over sensitive plants, and for additional tips on how to protect plants from frost - keep reading!

There are a few strategies that can be used to help protect vulnerable plants from frost damage:

  • Move potted plants to a more protected area such as on a veranda or patio or close to a wall.
  • Cover sensitive plants with frost or shade cloth. You may need to construct a supporting frame out of wooden stakes or wire to hang the cloth over and ensure that the cloth reaches the ground. Bricks or pavers are handy way to weigh down the edges of the cloth on the ground.
  • Protect small seedlings on frosty nights by creating cloches out of plastic softdrink bottles which have been cut in half.
  • Keep the soil moist, as moist soil is better able to absorb and store heat during the day. Dry soil can exacerabate frost damage.
  • Spray foliage with Yates Waterwise DroughtShield throughout winter, until the chance of frost has passed. Yates DroughtShield forms a protective, flexible film over leaves which helps reduce frost damage.
  • Don’t prune off any damaged foliage until the risk of frost has passed, as damaged foliage can help protect the growth underneath.
  • Indoor plants should also be protected from the cold. Move indoor plants away from bare windows and chilly draughts coming in under doorways and through gaps in windows. Many plants that we grow indoors have originated from tropical climates and definitely won’t appreciate being exposed to low temperatures.

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