Rodents like rats and mice can become an increasing problem during the cooler months, as they’re searching for food and shelter.

There are two common types of rats that live in suburban Australia. The black rat, also known as the roof rat, and the brown rat, also called the Norway rat. They’re both around 16 – 20 cm long with a smooth coat and big, thin ears. Mice are usually around 7.5 – 10 cm long with a smaller tail.

In your house, the tell tale signs of a rodent problem include hearing scratching in your roof or walls, seeing chewed food packets and small droppings, or pets acting strangely or being overly excitable.  Here are a variety of options to get rodents under control.


Poison-free rodent solutions

To deter rats and mice from coming inside, plug a Ratsak Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Pro or a Ratsak Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller Mini into a powerpoint in rooms where rodents can be most active, such as in the laundry, garage or kitchen. These units emit high frequency sound waves to repel rats and mice and will not harm humans or non-rodent pets.

The Ratsak Electronic Mouse Trap is a highly effective way to control mice, using advanced smart circuit technology that senses when a mouse has entered the trap, while a uniquely designed tunnel prevents escape. Once inside, the circuit triggers a high-voltage shock, killing the mouse quickly and effectively. The electronic trap kills up to 100 mice (per set of AA batteries) and can be baited with peanut butter or Ratsak Attractant Paste.  

Another trapping option is the Ratsak Trap Station, which can be used both inside the house and also outside, including near compost bins and garden beds. It houses a strong trap inside a durable and lockable station, helping to keep traps away from children, pets and other animals. The trap can be baited with peanut better or Ratsak Attractant Paste.

Ratsak Naturals Rodenticide Bait Pellets kills mice by dehydration. The pellets are made from natural ingredients and while deadly to rodents, they’re safe to use around humans and animals when used according to the instructions. Rats and mice need to feed on these pellets for 2 – 5 days and will then die within 7 days.

And to repel rats and mice, Ratsak Repel Rodent Repellent Gel contains a naturally based formulation to deter rodents from entering the house. The gel is applied onto surfaces where rodents travel.

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