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How do I get Passionfruit Vine flowers to turn into fruit

Have a grafted passionfruit vine which flowers but does not set fruit.

Fruit and Citrus • Product Advice

There are a number of reasons that prevent flowering passionfruit vines from setting fruit. - Passionfruit vines are heavy feeders and need plenty of water. A dry plant will not produce fruit, so ensure the soil is moist. - Heavy rain during the flowering period can ruin the viability of the pollen and discourage bees from pollinating. You can pollinate the flowers by using a small paintbrush to transfer pollen from one flower to another. - Overfertilising results in flowers but no fruit. Passionfruit usually only needs fertilising twice a year, after pruning and again after fruiting. - Passionfruit require plenty of direct sunshine for flowering and fruiting and should be planted in a sunny spot with no tree or competitive roots. - In cooler areas ensure that pruning is carried out no later than spring, or some of the fruit may not mature before winter.



Answered: 16 Sep, 2013

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