Why are my Nellie Kelly passionfruits going yellow and soft?

we live south east of south aust and is still flowering


12 June 2013 06:29 AM

Hi Bill,

It sounds like it could be a pollination problem. The flowers require insects to aid in pollination. Adverse weather conditions can also ruin the pollen that is present. You may find you will need to hand pollinate a few of the flowers to ensure some fruit forming and remaining on the vine. Fruit form on the current season's growth so it is necessary to prune back in early spring to produce flowers and fruit. As this vine grows rapidly you will need to supply it with enough nutrients to keep it growing strongly. As soon as new growth appears in spring, we would recommend fertilising the vine with Dynamic Lifter Plus Fruit food. This product will supply the vine with all the nutrients it need to keep it healthy and produce an abundance of sweet fruit for you. If it is only a young vine, it can take as much as 18 months before it produces a reliable supply of fruit. Keep the vine healthy and I am sure it will perform well for you.

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