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What to do about a Passionfruit Vine fruiting out of season

My Vine has large green fruit on it and is flowering which is totally out of season for here when temperatures go down to zero in winter. Normally flowers in Spring, fruit fall February.
This is the second year it has done this and last year I thought it was because I had pruned it too early the previous year, I know now it's too early to prune. Please tell me what I should do as it always has an amazing amount of fruit on it.

Fruit and Citrus • Plants

There are various reasons why plants flower or fruit out of season - mostly due to:
- the environment (e.g. temperature) 
- related to the individual, such as variation from parent to offspring. Most likely for seed grown plants, but less likely for cutting or grafted grown plants.


If the plant is fruiting and still ripening well, you are lucky enough to be enjoying the fruit year round. However, if the plant is fruiting but not ripening well, to conserve the plants energy, I would recommend removing the fruit until it flowers again in spring. 


To help improve the health and vigour of the plants, as well as the quality and taste of the fruit, apply Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food.



Answered: 28 May, 2021

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