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How do I stop my passionfruit vine from shooting roots up everywhere?

I have a passionfruit vine that looks quite healthy growing in the edge of a raised garden bed. (2yr Old not fruiting yet) My problem is that it is shooting up everywhere thru the vege garden from its roots. How can I stop this or resolve it?

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Hi Chris,

It is not uncommon for shoots to appear on the undertstock of grafted passionfruit vines. When you first notice this growth, it should be removed otherwise it will take over and prevent the fruiting part of the vine from producing viable fruit. Use a sharp blade or knife to remove this growth to prevent any further shoots from that point. Suckering can occur if the fibrous root system of the vine has been disturbed or damaged. Be careful when weeding in the area that this doesn't occur otherwise you will initiate growth from the understock which will then take off in your garden bed. You could cut the suckers close to the ground and apply a weed killer to the cut stem but be careful not to do this on suckers that are too close to the vine as you may end up harming the whole vine.



Answered: 10 Jan, 2012

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