What could be eating the bark of my 22 month old passionfruit

Our passionfruit has being growing extremely well and even had a few flowers towards the end of flowing season. Have noticed in past 3 weeks something is chewing into both main trunk and further up. We tried putting out a trap in case it was a rat, but no success. Possums in area but never attacked vine before


11 August 2015 12:49 AM

Hi Margaret,

It is disappointing when something attacks your plants and you have no indication of what it is. It could well be rats. They do chew on the trunks and fruit of trees such as citrus trees and can cause quite a lot of damage. I am wondering if you might have some netting that you can throw over the vine just to deter whatever is doing the damage. Hopefully whatever it is will get the message and move on. Come spring, you can give your passionfruit vine a prune. Fruit is produced on the new growth of the plant. Put down some Dynamic Lifter pellets to supply the vine with the nutrients it needs to produce lots of juicy fruit.

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