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How do you stop cockatoos from destroying my fruit trees?

Have tried most ideas friends suggested; no joy. The cockatoos arrive in 20's especially when we are away. The mess is so disheartening. Seriously the most we have got from trees (ripe apricots for example has been a dozen or so. the nets don't scare them, they have been seen under the net at times. Thanks for reading this Bob

Fruit and Citrus • Pests

Hi Bob,

Cockatoos seem to enjoy shredding leaves and fruit from trees. If the netting is unsuccessful there are a few bird repellant product that can be sprayed on the leaves and fruit. One is called Deter. It must be applied weekly and if it rains it must be reapplied. Good luck and hope you can encourage the birds to go elsewhere.



Answered: 7 Oct, 2011

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