Why has my passionfruit lost half its leaves from the base up and hasn't had any new growth or flowers

I live in Sydney. The passionfruit was planted in Dec 2010 and flourished - just beautiful. We thought winter frost may have effected it (although it wasn't that cold), but it has never recovered and hasn't flowered etc. Just looks stagnant - not growing or dying. Should we pull it out and start again or is there some way to fix? It is planted near grass - could the grass roots be effecting it?


10 January 2012 05:27 AM

Hi Janelle,

I wouldn't pull out your passionfruit just yet. I would give it another season to redeem itself. It is just a pity it seems to have been affected by the cold weather. Sydney did have a cold winter last year and if it wasn't planted in a warm sunny spot, the weather could have affected it. Unfortunately now is not the time to prune your passionfruit. If you prune it next year in early spring you will encourage plenty of growth and flowers on the new year's growth. Flowers and fruit will not form on old growth. You could remove the grass around the plant as this would reduce competition for nutrients. Keep it healthy by watering it on a regular basis and do the pruning this coming spring.

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