Why does my passionfruit vine have hardly any new growth

hi, my passionfruit vine is looking rather sad with not much new growth at all in the last 2 months, before that it shot off like a rocket. it gets watered once a day in the morning for 10 mins and is in a full sun position. I have used seasol on it when it first started to stop growing.


28 January 2016 07:09 AM


Thank you for your email. It looks like you need to feed with a complete fertiliser, like Yates Dynamic Lifter. It's packed with various important nutrients, like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to help support plant leafy growth, encourage strong root development and promote flowering. Feed it now and as an ongoing feeding plan throughout the year, feed it every 8 weeks. When it comes to flowering time, supplement feeding with Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Plant Food. This is high in potassium and will promote flowering and hence, fruiting. Hope this helps! Regards, Tammy

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