Pruning advice for an old passionfruit vine

We recently purchased a new home and have a passionfruit vine that needs pruning, however, we are not sure how to do it. It has what appears to be dead branches growing from the main trunk and if I cut them out, I think I will be taking out most of the growth.


13 August 2021 10:08 AM

General pruning advice is to prune off anything that is dead, diseased or damaged, and avoid pruning anymore than a third of the total foliage to avoid plant stress.
To see if the branch you intend to remove is alive or dead, gently scrape back a small section of the "skin", if the tissue underneath is still green it's most likely still alive and can be kept.
As the passionfruit has not been well maintained, it will be a tricky job to approach, and some of the healthy part of the plant is likely to be damaged in the process.
Choose some of the strongest and healthiest branches, and focus on saving those, removing as much of the dead matter as possible. It might take a few goes until you have the desired shape and it might take a season or two for the plant to recover and flourish.
Just be sure to water the plant well before and after pruning, and give the plant a feed to help with Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food for plant health and growth.

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