Can I plant a persimmon tree that has been in a pot for 43 years?

My grandmother planted the persimmon tree in the pot the year I was born and no one knew about it until recently. She has since given it to me and I would like to plant it in the garden but am unsure if it would survive? It has been in the same pot for 43 years, sitting in a sheltered spot behind her garage. I live in Canberra.


19 May 2015 10:51 PM

If the persimmon tree has been in the pot for 43 years it will likely be highly root bound and even collared. To plant it out in the garden you would likely have to cut/tease the circling roots to encourage them to grow down and out. This can be very stressful for a tree and it may not even help as the roots may continue to circle anyway. This will lead to the tree being unstable and having limited access to soil resources. It may be best to keep it in a pot but if you are set on putting it in the garden try to slowly improve the root structure successively potting it into larger containers and teasing/cutting the circling roots ever time you do. Once you have potted it up regularly apply Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate to encourage strong root growth. You can also add Yates Acticot Pots and Planters to ensure a long lasting supply of nutrients.

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