Why is my passionfruit wilting

4-5 weeks ago the vines were wilted when I went out in the morning. I gave them a good water and a dose of seasol hoping they would come back to their old self. It's two vines next to each other and they were both growing perfectly. I enquired at my local grow master on how to help the vines or the cause of the wilting and we ruled out the possibility of it having been mistakenly poisoned and they suggested I give it another dose of liquid fertiliser seeing as it is fruiting heavily. Nothing helped. I figured it must have got a fungus or something. It looks like both vines have died except there's a few green bits still surviving and have small fruits on them. Do you have any ideas on what may have happened, or if I've done anything wrong? And should I just rip it all out and start again or is there hope for the little green bit to rejuvenate in a nice vine again?


05 January 2014 01:19 AM

Hi Rebecca,

What a shame your passionfruit vines have suddendly died like this. It could have resulted from a drainage problem. Passionfruit can suffer with root rot. Another disease that affects passionfruit is fusarium wilt which is characterised by wilting of shoots and plant collapse. I have attached a link you might be interested in. http://www.padil.gov.au/pests-and-diseases/Pest/Main/136585 Unfortunately I don't think there is any option but to take out the dying plants and replacement them with some new vines. It would be advisable to plant them in a different spot in your garden. Good luck.

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