What are the yellow dots on my passionfruit vine leaves and leaves are being eaten

Just recently bought a passion fruit vine, planted in the garden bed and slowly there's something eating the leaves and have yellow dots forming on leave growth. Could not find any caterpillar and have been spraying with Yates Pyrethrum. Have been feeding with blood and bone and citrus fertilizers. Adrian


12 April 2013 04:32 AM

Hi Adrian,

The yellow spots on your passionfruit vine could be caused by a fungus called septoria spot. This fungus can be controlled by using a product called Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide applied every 7-14 days when the disease is first noticed. The leaves definitely looked like they have been chewed. It is likely that the culprit is a caterpillar. We would suggest either Naturer's Way Caterpillar Killer, or Success Naturalyte. You will great results from using either of these products.

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