What are the leaves on my passionfruit yellow

I am having trouble with a passion fruit vine the leaves are yellowing and crinkling


15 January 2019 07:55 PM

Dear Margaret,

The symptoms of yellowing and crinkling of the leaves on your passionfruit vine sounds like 'Passionfruit woodiness virus'. Affected fruit can be small and deformed with an abnormally thick, hard rind and small pulp cavity. This disease is carried by aphids and most vines will be affected at some time or another. Ensure that your vine is planted in a warm, sheltered spot to help reduce the incidence of this disease. Symptoms can appear under stress in cool weather, or from lack of water or nutrients. Affected vines cannot be cured however symptoms are temporary and vines can recover once the stresses are alleviated. I am sure once you give your vine the warmth, moisture and nutrients it requires, it will soon recover and give you lots of delicious summer fruit.

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