Why won't my yesterday today and tomorrow nor flower

i have had it in a pot 4 3 years have put garden gold on it also pot ash & i seasol it every 2 weeks i have also used thrive for flowers but nothing it is nice an green & getting busher but no flowers


23 October 2019 03:09 AM

Dear Marie,

It is a shame that your Brunfelsia is not flowering. Brunfelsia does flower in the warmer months of the year. Do you have the pot in a full sun position? You seem to have given it enough fertiliser and as you say, it looks very healthy. Perhaps when the weather gets into a more consistent pattern and the days become and stay warmer, you will find that your plant will flower for you. When using a fertiliser, use one that has a high percentage of potassium and a lower nitrogen level. Yates Thrive Soluble Flower & Fruit is an excellent fertiliser and you can use this product every 2 weeks to enhance flowering.

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