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Why is my outdoor Kentia weak and has small holes near the base with ants

Palm located with others which appear healthy (so far). Notice new fronds fail to thrive in photos as well as one of two holes in trunk - soil quality is rich. Need help before others suffer same fate! Thank You

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Hi Rob,

I would say that the damage has been caused by a borer of some kind. There are a number of borers that can attack palm, trees. I have attached a link to give you further information. Depending upon how far the damage has progressed, I am hoping you will still be able to save this particular Kentia. Keep it as healthy as you can by applying diluted Yates Dynamic Lifter Liquid Concentrate on a regular basis. Yates does not have a specific insecticide that will control borers. If you are concerned about the heath of the rest of your palms, it might be worthwhile calling in an aborist to access the situation. I wish you good luck. From your friends at Yates Gardening



Answered: 27 Dec, 2012

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