What is this jelly substance leaking out from my newly planted weeping cherry tree?

I've looked on the web and because it's quite a lot of jelly rather than gum I'm confused. The leaves are wilting and the clay soil is quite wet because we've had so much rain but it is on a sloping site in full sun. What should I treat it with? I don't want to cut into the bark incase it further damages the tree.


08 March 2012 04:14 AM

Hi Frayne,

The weeping cherry does not look at all well. The gum around the trunk should be carefully removed to determine whether there are any borer holes. If there are any holes present try and insert a small piece of wire into the hole and stab the borer. These symptoms are more likely to have been caused by the heavy clay soil and the excessive rainfall in Sydney. The tree has probably developed phytophthora root rot and the only option is to apply Anti Rot as a foliar spray. The Anti Rot is systemic and it is taken into the tree via the foliage, so it is important to try and obtain a good spray coverage. If possible try to improve the soil drainage in that area.

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