Grasshopper Control in Your Garden

Orthoptera: Acrididae

Grasshoppers have a misleading name as many of them don’t just feed on grass - they also consume the leaves of many broadleaf plants. Grasshoppers and locusts are closely related members of the family Acrididae within the order Orthoptera. They both have chewing mouthparts that leave distinctive ragged holes and chewed edges on leaves.

There are more than 700 species of grasshoppers and locusts in the family Acrididae found in Australia, but only a few species are considered to be pests.

Grasshopper and locust species are most likely to cause problems in gardens include the Wingless Grasshopper of south-eastern Australia and south-west Western Australia; the Plague Locust and Spur-Throated Locust of inland Australia; and the Giant Grasshopper of northern Australia.

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