What tips do you have to grow choko

The leaves seem to die off starting from the base when the vine gets about 4 metres in most cases. Is this normal? I have 3 plants. I feel these ants are the problem. I must be the only person in Australia that can't grow a choko vine.


14 June 2013 01:59 AM

Hi Sandra,

Choko vines are pretty hardy and usually grow without a lot of bother. The choko vine produces both male and female flowers and the flowers are pollinated by wind and insects. It does sound like you have had a pollination problem with the fruit not forming properly and dropping off. If you have ants present, that could indicate that there is also a sap sucking insect present on the vine. Ants are attracted to the vine by the honeydew that is produced by these sap suckers. They may be interfering with the pollination. Perhaps check your vine for any pests (other than the ants) being present and use a Yates Pyrethrum Insect Pest Killer Concentrate spray to eliminate them. You don't mention how old the vines are. They are usually productive for about 3-4 years. If you think the vine are not worth keeping, you can always pull them out now that it is winter and start some new vines off again in the spring.

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