What is your advise to prune old mango trees

We have 3 mango trees that are over 25 years old we want to cut them back quite a bit, can we? if so when is the best time to do so? they block a lot of light and sun from getting in the house.


25 April 2014 03:58 AM

Hi Sharah,

Maqngo trees can be pruned at an early stage in their development to keep them at a reasonable height. From then on there is normally no need to prune again unless the tree becomes too dense or too tall. The fact that your trees are 25 years old and probably have never been pruned, this will be a big job to prune them to the height you require. It can be done, but I would suggest you consult an aborist in your area who would be able to carry this work out for you. Whole limbs of the tree would need to be removed so having the correct equipment would be essential. I am sure you will be able to find an experienced aborist who can carry out this work for you.

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