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What are you tips for training mango trees?

I also just wanted to know in general when the mango tree (bowen/kensington pride) is in its growing, fruiting period, needs feeding etc and when, how often and how much it will need to be pruned to maintain a healthy, compact shape? I live in Perth, Thanks

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Dear Tania,

If you need to contain your tree, experts suggest that you cut the main trunk at 1 m, allow five to seven main limbs to grow and cut these back to 0.5m in the next year. Thereafter, leave the tree alone unless it becomes too dense or too tall, in which case cut out whole limbs rather than shorten branches. It is suggested that pruning takes place after harvest. Don't prune during the cold winter months. Mangoes have definite climatic preferences and produce most reliably in areas with a dry winter, dry spring, rainfall during summer and then a dry spell as fruit matures. A dry winter spell initiates spring flowering, while dry conditions in spring promote polination and reduces fungal disease. Young fruit trees should be fertilised in early spring and again in autumn. Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Pelletised Plant Food would be an excellent product to use on your mango tree as it is producing new growth, flowering and setting fruit. Mango trees can suffer with a disease called anthracnose so additional fertilising with Sulphate of Potash at the end of winter through spring will hopefully prevent this disease from occurring. Enjoy growing your tree and I hope it give you lots of delicious fruit.



Answered: 5 May, 2019

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