Can I prune a tall mango and protea to bare branches to make them smaller?

Both the mango and the protea have grown tall and spindly with leaves only at the very top of each. So I would like to prune them right back down to where there are no leaves to make them more compact and bushy. Is this possible without killing them?


09 May 2013 02:04 PM

Hi Vinette,

Sometimes its better to prune these plants when they are younger if you can. It would better to give them a tip prune to try and encourage growth at the bottom,you don't want to prune too much off because the trees may get stressed. Once you see some new growth coming then you can prune some more.Just be aware of pruning times so you don't miss flowering or fruit. Use some seaweed concentrate like Yates Uplift plant starter and seaweed booster which will also help give your plants a boost.

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