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Why is my large mango tree leaves turning brown and not bearing fruit?

also i need to know what yates products i can use to keep the tree in a good shape and desease free during the year. thanks yates for your excellent services and products.

Fruit and Citrus • Diseases

Dear Wassim,

Mango trees can suffer with a number of fungal problems one of them being Anthracnose and bacterial black spot. Spraying every 4 weeks with Yates Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide Spray from early flowering to fruit set will ensure protection against fungal problems. There are also a number of pests that can attack mango trees such as thrips, scale, fruit fly, redshouldered leaf beetles and fruitsucking moths. It is a matter of monitoring the tree and inspecting regularly to keep these pests at bay. Fruit fly can be a real problem but it can be controlled by either spraying the tree with Yates Nature's Way Fruit Fly Control In order to keep the tree healthy, apply a good quality fertiliser for fruit trees such as Yates Thrive Natural Citrus & Fruit Organic Based Pelletised Plant Food. this product contains the necessary nutrients a fruit tree will need to produce good strong growth and large juicy fruit. Regular deep watering will also keep the tree healthy.



Answered: 5 Feb, 2019

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