Why are the leaves of my 30 year old Bowen Mango turning yellow and falling off?

Other much younger tree is showing similar markings. ( this tree has never had fruit ) not many bare branches. The older one has had alot of bumper crops. have pruned over the years. it has slowly gone like this- looked back over photos.the leaves started falling off en mass 3 weeks ago .


10 October 2013 01:38 AM

Hi Jan,

What a shame after having your mango tree for 30 years, it is now showing sign of decline. It may well be that the tree has been infected with the fungus called phytophthora root rot. This fungus infects the roots of the plant, causing branches to die back and leaves to fall. There is a product called Anti Rot which can be used to control this fungus. It can be used as a curative as well as a preventative. If you could email through some photos of your tree, we will be better able to diagnose the problem.

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